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14k baguette cut girls Huggie earrings14k baguette cut girls Huggie earrings
14k Centered heart earrings14k Centered heart earrings
14k Centered heart earrings Sale price$160.00
14k clear cz encrusted hoop earrings14k clear cz encrusted hoop earrings
14k gold crown14k gold crown
14k gold crown Sale price$140.00
14k gold Prong CZ14k gold Prong CZ
14k gold Prong CZ Sale price$90.00
14k heart to heart dangle14k heart to heart dangle
14k heart to heart dangle Sale price$170.00
14k petite pearl hoop earrings14k petite pearl hoop earrings
14k Simple polished satellite kids necklace14k Simple polished satellite kids necklace
14k tiny puffed heart chain necklace14k tiny puffed heart chain necklace
Sold out2 diamonds ring
2 diamonds ring Sale price$410.00
Sold out3 stars earrings
3 stars earrings Sale price$170.00
Sold outAcqua marine ringAcqua marine ring
Acqua marine ring Sale price$1,400.00
Sold outAmor bracelet
Amor bracelet Sale price$630.00
Sold outAnklet
Anklet Sale price$630.00
Sold outBaby earrings
Baby earrings Sale price$90.00
Sold outBangs Earrings
Bangs Earrings Sale price$1,860.00
Black sapphire heart earrings
Black sapphire heart earrings Sale price$1,010.00
Sold outBlue sapphire and diamonds Earings
Sold outBubble tennis NecklaceBubble tennis Necklace
Bubble tennis Necklace Sale price$5,100.00
Sold outBul NecklaceBul Necklace
Bul Necklace Sale price$4,590.00
Sold outButterfly earrings
Butterfly earrings Sale price$510.00
Sold outChoker hearts Necklace
Choker hearts Necklace Sale price$1,490.00
Sold outCitrine earrings
Citrine earrings Sale price$3,900.00
Sold outColored sapphire NecklaceColored sapphire Necklace
Colored sapphire Necklace Sale price$850.00
Corda bracelet
Corda bracelet Sale price$630.00
Sold outCorda necklaceCorda necklace
Corda necklace Sale price$1,095.00
Sold outCross diamond bracelet
Cross diamond bracelet Sale price$480.00
Sold outCross Diamonds Necklace
Cross Diamonds Necklace Sale price$5,100.00
Sold outCrown diamond ring
Crown diamond ring Sale price$490.00
Diamond link necklace
Diamond link necklace Sale price$2,560.00
Sold outDouble hoop
Double hoop Sale price$1,490.00
Sold outDrop earrings
Drop earrings Sale price$1,020.00
Sold outEarcuff acqua marine
Earcuff acqua marine Sale price$1,145.00
Sold outEmerald braceletEmerald bracelet
Emerald bracelet Sale price$3,590.00
Emerald dropEmerald drop
Emerald drop Sale price$5,400.00
Sold outEmerald earcuff earrings
Emerald earcuff earrings Sale price$1,470.00
Sold outEmerald earrings
Emerald earrings Sale price$390.00
Sold outSave $491.00Espanhola earringsEspanhola earrings
Espanhola earrings Sale price$1,964.00 Regular price$2,455.00
Esther Bracelet
Esther Bracelet Sale price$1,210.00
Extenders Sale price$155.00
Fio canutilho liso
Fio canutilho liso Sale price$2,210.00
Sold outFio hammered
Fio hammered Sale price$3,390.00
Fita Necklace
Fita Necklace Sale price$890.00
Flower ring
Flower ring Sale price$850.00
Flowers diamond bracelet
Flowers diamond bracelet Sale price$810.00
Flowers ring
Flowers ring Sale price$710.00
Sold outGreek eye and pearl bracelet
Sold outGreek eye ring
Greek eye ring Sale price$300.00